Fabio Barbero

Fabio Barbero

Hello, my name is Fabio Barbero. I graduated as an Honours Student in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from DKE in 2021. After working as a Software Developer at Odoo for a year (2021-2022), I came back to Maastricht to pursue a Master's degree in Data Science for Decision Making.

After taking a semester off to focus on my mental health, I am now in Montreal, Canada, doing an internship at Sportboost, a company that uses computer vision to help athletes improve their performance.

I play the piano, saxophone, some bass and guitar, and like to make music from time to time.

What fascinates me the most these days are things outside of my field of studying and current work, and I'd be happy to transition to activities more focused on creativity, sustainability, societal impact without the need to add clutter and unnecessary complexity.

Here is my 📝 Curriculum Vitae. Last updated 2023-12-10. A list of publications and projects can be found in my Portfolio. You can also chat 💬 with my CV!.

If you have any question, send me an email!