Fabio Barbero

Fabio Barbero

Hello, my name is Fabio Barbero. I graduated as an Honours Student in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence from DKE in 2021. After working as a Software Developer at Odoo for a year (2021-2022), I am now planning on going back to studying in Maastricht.

I play the piano, saxophone, some bass and guitar, and like to make music from time to time.

You can find me on LinkedIn, GitLab, and GitHub.

Here is my 📝 Curriculum Vitae. Last updated 2021-04-23.

A list of publications and projects can be found in my Portfolio. You can also chat 💬 with my CV! (not responsive for mobile).

Current project(s) I'm working on:

If you have any question, send me an email!