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There's a chance you're here after a discussion we've had about music. I've decided to write a collection of artists/songs I particularly like. I will try to keep this updated, and feel free to share any of your music with me!

Note: I listen to a lot of music weekly, and am struggling a bit to keep this list updated as I keep discovering new cool artists. Consider this as "Some Music I Recommended in 2021" ;)

Most listened genres

Like a lot of people, I like to listen to a large variety of styles from classical music to tecno. There are however two styles I listen to the most: jazz (especially contemporary jazz) and electronic music (such as future bass).

Most listened artists

Here are the artists I listen to and most recommend. The list is not ordered precisely, but I do keep the artists I like the most on top:


I usually do not like artists who keep making songs in the same style but I definitely have to make an exception for Anomalie. His style of music (Jazztronica) is so unique and fascinating.

Top picks:

Tigran Hamasyan

Armenian pianist with his own very unique variety of styles. His may sound unusual to an occidental ear.

Top picks:

Jesus Molina

Third pianist in a row in this list, Jesus Molina is undoubtably the most skilled in the list. His technique is over the top and he his highly influenced by Oscar Peterson.

Top picks:

Avishai Cohen

Avishai Cohen is an amazing jazz bass player. His trio plays with a lot of different time signatures and polyrithms.

Top picks:

Domi & JD beck

These two are... weird... As of when I'm writing this they haven't released an album yet but have shown their incredible skills on Youtube videos and events.

Top picks:

Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is now fairly known. He is a very talented instrumentalist, exploring a whole bunch of different genres with some crazy music theory behind. Truly a musical genious. I don't quite like his new stuff (more pop) as much as his old.

Top picks:


Yet another jazz pianist... Hiromi is a Japanese pianist who truly puts her emotions in the music she plays.

Top picks:

Snarky Puppy

The most known contemporary jazz group. I don't really listen to them anymore as their style is pretty repetitive but contains a lot of very unique aspects that influenced a lot of other modern jazz artists.

Top picks:

Other artists

I didn't have time to write a full description for all of these artists, so here's a list:

  • Eugen Cicero (jazz, swing)
  • Oscar Peterson (jazz, swing)
  • Glenn Gould (classical)
  • George Gershwin (jazz, swing)
  • Chick Corea (jazz)
  • Herbie Hancock (jazz)
  • Jacques Loussier Trio (jazz)
  • Rob Araujo - similar to Anomalie (jazztronica)
  • Savant (electronic, EDM)
  • Joey Alexander (jazz)
  • The Funky Knuckles - very similar to Snarky Puppy (funk, contemporary jazz)
  • Lydian Collective (jazz)
  • 20syl (hip hop, electronic)
  • Jacob Mann Big Band (funk, jazz)
  • Art Tatum (jazz)
  • Kamasi Washington (contemporary jazz)
  • Dirty Loops (pop, funk)
  • Louis Cole (pop, funk)
  • Polyphia (progressive rock)
  • Caparezza (italian rap)
  • Theolonius Monk (jazz)
  • Bill Wurtz (jazz-pop)
  • Vulfpeck (pop, funk)
  • Chuck Sutton (electronic)
  • Diveo (electro-pop)
  • Supertramp (rock)
  • Igorrr (experimental, extreme metal)
  • C2C (pop, EDM, electronic)
  • Cory Henry (jazz, gospel)
  • Ryuchi Sakamoto (ambient, electronic, classical)
  • Weather Report (funk)
  • Queen
  • Shaun Martin (jazz, funk)
  • Joachim Horsley (rumba)
  • Bigflo & Oli (french rap)
  • Justice (tecno)
  • Antiloops (jazz)

Other songs/albums I like