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Starting the day with words from the previous day

Fabio Barbero published on

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Words/images have a deep impact on our subsequent set of actions. Waking up reading words decided the night before can help fixate goals and a gentle reminder of what you have to do.


  • When going to bed (1), users enters words (2)
  • During the night, a computer generates a picture based on these keywoards. (3)
  • When the person wakes up (4), the words and image are displayed (5)

Ideal implementation

  1. Computer detects when person goes to sleep
    • Connected to smartwatch
    • Manual entry
    • Light switch
  2. Voice recognition can be used to enter the words
  3. A Coral TPU can be used with OpenAI's DALL-E and CLIP
  4. Simple alarm/connected to smartwatch
  5. Computer turns on projector or screen

Virtual assistant tasks:

  • clone someone's voice "can you clone their voice?"
  • set timer/alarm/reminder
  • tell the weather
  • play music on spotify